Thursday, December 10, 2009

Making Cookies!

I am.  Yummy!  Making cookies to give away.  I'm trying to stick to simple things this year, but since I seem to be the only member of our team who knows how to bake, I have been assigned cookie duty.

I have a suspicion that pie duty is going to be assigned next.

We had one Christmas party, and what fun to watch about ten of our team's kids with some from farther away all sitting with their arms around each other's necks swaying and singing loudly with the music.  Ok, they did sing loudly and about a half note ahead of  the music, but they were cute!  I looked at them and thought that we had pretty much every color and design represented in those kids, and not one of them cared.  They are family.

Time to make cookies!  What is your favorite simple Christmas cookie?

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Cindy said...

we always do cut out sugar that we are living in the US again I just buy the tub of already made dough...tastes just as good and less work.......

its usually messy cause I let the kids do most of the cutting and baking and sometimes one of my boys gets creative....last year his cute little snowmen turned into monster snowmen...yes, they were a bit scary. but we ate them anyway!

also, I always make fudge to give to friends and teachers etc.
I've done this for maybe 20 years.