Friday, December 11, 2009

Odds and Ends

My husband got me a little heater for my feet in my office.  I like it, and it warms my heart.  I'm struggling more with cold this year than last and wonder if it means I need to get some bloodwork done.  After years of struggling with low iron levels, it was nice to be healthy for awhile, but I am wondering.  It's been a few years since I was checked.

One of my friends just lost their baby at 20 weeks.  Also a daughter.  My heart hurts for her.  I'm beginning to think heaven is going to be bursting with babbling babies bouncing off each other.  This friend and I had our babies together - they shared pacifiers, toys, blankets, and beds.  Now our daughters play together in heaven.  I'm sad.

I had a bad driving experience today in the snow and am still tired from it.  My husband put better tires on, so I will be fine now.  (See, he is taking good care of me!)

I don't know why people have more than one cat!  (I love cats, really do, and if it were culturally appropriate to have animals in my house, I might have a cat again.)  I helped someone pack who had two dogs and two cats, and my allergies acted up awfully.  Didn't even know I was allergic to animals.

I finally got my tree up.  (I did, Angela - now it is your turn!)  I don't feel like Christmas this year.  Too tired maybe?  Too cold.

I really want to be a bear in my next life.  Reasons:

1. They get to growl when they are unhappy.
2. They get to swat their kids when they misbehave.
3. They get to eat all they want all summer and put on lots of weight and they feel good about it.
4. They get to hibernate all winter and sleep it off.
5. When they wake up, they get to be all beautifully skinny again, and start eating all over again.
6. They get to give birth to their babies when the babies are not much bigger than a walnut.
7. Those first few months of nursing and tiny babies, they get to sleep right through.
8. They look good in fur.  Even uncombed fur.

Yup, I want to come back as a bear.

I think I am on a down after all the emotional energy last week.  We were so busy with speaking and meeting people, and then squeezing in a visit to "that place"... I'm just tired.  I'm doing ok, really, but I am just tired.  Wishing it wasn't Christmas so I could take it easy for a few days.


Carrie said...

I love random thoughts!

I've not yet put up Christmas decorations, but will this weekend. I'm not feeling the rush to get them up...

Heaters for feet? That's better than a bouquet of roses!!

I think I want to be a bear, too---though if you ask my kiddos, they'd say I'm already there. Snort.

And now I have to go bundle up to cut some wood. I SO did not want to cut wood on our first day of snow, but my Love is determined. Sigh. I'd rather be sitting by the fire, eating chocolate. HA!

Cindy said...

its understandable that you are tired...don't push...I hope you can enjoy Christmas and not work too hard :)