Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Straight Part

I woke up to the sound of bath water running. That got me moving fast! I popped my head in the bathroom to find #2 son and my daughter in the tub.

"Mommy, you just said we couldn't take a bath alone in the mornings! There is two of us here!"

Ok. I guess. It sure got me out of bed fast!

Later on, Daddy combed out my daughter's waist length hair. It was an early morning out the door, so having to do hair was not an expected job. Later on, I checked his work, and took her back up to braid her hair. In a loose pony tail, it will be a mess by evening, and we need to go out this evening.

While I took her hair down and began to quickly do it, I told her, "You need to tell Daddy next time he does your hair that he needs to get a straight part first. Then it looks better."

She wrinkled her face at me in the mirror and said, "But I have a straight part. My finger is straight, and my legs, too. My arms are straight, too, unless I bend them."

#2 has his birthday today! He turns 11. They are getting way too big.

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