Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Good Laugh

Even God knows that I enjoy a good joke.

My daughter, who is a bit of a thinker, but not melancholic at all, has been thinking about life, sin, salvation, and Jesus' death. She's a bit worried about the salvation issue.

"Mommy, I know I have asked Jesus to forgive me, but I have to keep doing it because I forget that I did it!"

I've tried explaining that God does have a better memory than she does, but it hasn't helped. I've just told her that God won't mind her asking again, but it likely isn't necessary. And I'm fine with her talking it over and thinking about it more.

So today, she was trying to understand about sin and punishment. She was trying to wrap her mind around the fact that if you sin, you die... but Jesus paid that... so if we ask Him to forgive us, do we die? How does that work?

I started to explain about the two types of death - physical and spiritual... and this is how it went:

Well, girlie, there are two types of death

I know.

You do? Can you tell me those two types?

Well - one type of death is when you can't hear, and the other type is when you die.

(Here muffled giggles came in from her brothers, but I shushed them. The topic was too important to be distracted from, although I am glad I was driving and facing away from her!)

No, not really. One type of death is when your body dies, that is right, but the other type is about your spirit. It is when your spirit dies or is separated from God forever.

Then.... well... what is it called when you can't hear?

Deaf. Not Death.

And on the conversation went. What I am wondering is - we have a large deaf population in our church - what has she been thinking we are calling them?!

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Becky Aguirre said...

LOL! That's so funny! Yeah, we confuse "th" and "f" in our house far, nothing as funny as that, though! :)