Monday, April 20, 2009

A Rough Day

I think I will never join another committee! I hate having to make rough decisions.

The last decision which meant a good-bye was done well. Sad, that is did end not the way I wanted, but it went well.

Then, last week we made another decision. One person was not acting as they should, so we drafted a letter meant to help them see where change was needed and assist them in changing with support. It was a very gentle letter. Too gentle for the situation, I thought.

It was not received well. The person objected to all the changes asked and stated that she was fine the way she was and we were oppressing her. Then she quit - in two weeks. But today, before she quit, she went around gossiping angrily about the leadership. She was so angry that we did not feel she could do her job alone. She would continue to spread lies and rumors. So I was assigned to sit in on her classes. She had already packed all her stuff, so questions were coming, and my job was to ensure that they were handled in the way we had agreed on handling them.

I sat there and smiled, and she was there and smiled. She knew I was watching her. I knew she knew. I managed to keep the day pleasant and cheerful in all my conversation with her. It went well for the situation, but it was stressful.

I don't know what tomorrow holds and what steps we will have to take next. We did not see this coming. I'm exhausted today. I got home to help another family talk through a major decision. We sat for three hours discussing back and forth, listening, waiting. It's been a rough day. Pray for peace. I'm sad when I see what sin does.


Becky Aguirre said...

One time the leadership asked my dad to sit in on their meetings so they could meet the required numbers, and he got so depressed! He said he didn't really WANT to know about everyone else's problems! Reminds me of Spiderman...with great power comes great responsibility. Makes you realize how much wisdom we need from God when we're in situations of leadership!

Cindy said...

Wisdom is definitely a requirement...but how often we forget an equally important ingredient....Godly love for each other and esteeming others...