Monday, April 6, 2009

Only During Service - Baptism Sunday

Four people got baptized yesterday in church. My daughter was very excited since she couldn't remember any baptism and wondered what it was. Son #3 tried to show off how much he knew since he had seen one once. Son #2 hit the chair, and closed his eyes and was out cold. He has this thing about drifting off any time it is remotely quiet.

After the preaching, the pastor invited all the kids to come up front and sit on the floor so they could see better. I went with mine.

Our church thoroughly believes in reproduction, so there was quite the crowd of little kids with no parental control at the front. Here was the conversations:

"Hmm.. I thought they're supposed to hold them down longer."

"Why do they wear blue dresses?" (robes)

"I think because they don't want to wear their swim suits in front of church"

"And I guess they didn't want to go naked, either."

Then the last one came to be dunked - a girl who is over six feet tall.

Exclamations of astonishment broke out among the gathered children.

"Wow! She won't fit!"

"How can they fit her in the water?"

"Her feet are going to stick out!"

All I could do was sit there and try not to giggle.

Then, after church, we learned something about our new baptistry. It was installed with a turn drain at the bottom. Easy to fill, but we discovered that the only way to drain it is to get down in it and turn that drain. Great. And the pull down screen does not cover the tank at any time.

A few of us sat there and tried with a broom handle and scratched out heads. Then I said, "this is what boys are for." and called my second son, stripped him down to the waist, and hung him in upside down by his jeans. It took him two tries to find it, but he got it! And the whole church watching while they had coffee applauded.

Next baptism, last one in undoes the drain! Or we bring a change of clothes for our divers.

Still, I told him - you're only going near water because I have a firm grip on you!


Sharon said...

That is really funny! Just what boys are for.

Becky Aguirre said...

Haha! I guess they didn't think through the drain thing very well...

E. T. Tenna said...

boys are soooo useful!! hahaha