Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is This Hope?

My friend, who is also on that committee, met me today. We talked. We grabbed another member and talked some more. We felt that the right channels were not taken. We have two similar situations which are being dealt with totally differently. That was a concern. Also that this decision is supposed to be made by this committee, not this committee informed of it - fact done.

It was a bit frightening, but we had to move fast. The decision was going to be told to the person involved this afternoon. So we met, and we went to the person who made the decision and objected. It was taken well, and the decision has been "unmade". Perhaps. At least it is not going to be told until we call an emergency meeting and discuss it.

Is this hope? I wish it were. Yet, I doubt it. The mind of the person in charge is firmly made up. I wish it were hope. I'm trying to hope without getting too hopeful. I am crying out to God to act here, to step in and change this decision is that is His will. But to be brutally honest, I'm praying without much faith because my life has been so tough recently that I look up at God with exhaustion and a slightly stunned disappointment... and then I ask Him again to act, but I'm already discouraged. Yet, I do ask. Sometimes God answers, and other times... those times I have a hard time with right now. Yet I ask. I know He can.

But, even if the decision won't change, perhaps we can soften it. At the very least, we do not have to crush someone right before Easter.

And, I feel some slight victory, some slight worth in standing up for what we believed in and being able to change, at least temporarily, action.

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