Friday, April 3, 2009

My Son's Version

I thought you'd get a kick out of this. I heard my son tell his version to his brother.

So, I got up early and went and woke up my sister and asked if she wanted to take a bath with me, but she said no. So I filled the tub and asked her again, and she said no. (Child - it was 6 AM!) So I told her if she changes her mind, just come in.

I went and soaked for a long time, and used Daddy's shampoo, and then put conditioner on my hair and rinsed that. Then I put more conditioner on my hair and the special smelling soap
(OK - let me mention that his hair is all of half an inch long) and then I rinsed the back and turned over to rinse the front.

I heard the bathroom door open and someone say something, but I thought it was just my brother coming in to use the bathroom, so I just kept rinsing my hair. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, someone grabbed me and pulled me right out of the water, ahhh! that was scary! I almost had a heart attack- and then I saw it was mom, and she looked all funny, sort of grey, and I was really scared, like what was wrong with her?

I guess when you think about his view - relaxing in the tub, and suddenly, without warning being grabbed and yanked out... It could be scary. Especially if you get the water cleared from your eyes, and your mom is half-bent over clutching her chest. Poor kid.

He recovered faster and thought the thing was funny. Seriously, I almost had to take the day off and just sit. It took that much energy out of me! I went to bed with the kids and slept 11 hours now.

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Becky Aguirre said...

Haha! Yeah, like, no big deal! They really have no idea what they put us through! Well, they will when they get their own kids...I shudder now to think of the things we were allowed to do as kids in the dorm...I always wondered why Mom worried about us and now I know. :)