Thursday, October 28, 2010

Something About Me

I'm learning things about myself and how that affects what I do.

I am a fiercely loyal person. Intensely loyal.

To the point that if someone criticizes someone I love, even if the criticism is valid, even if it is needed, I struggle not to go into attack mode.

We had to have some honest discussions tonight about some people in some situations, and it was hard for me to objectively evaluate people's performance and abilities because some of those people are people high up on my list of people I love and would defend.

I suppose it is useful information to know about myself - if only to be able to stop myself from the fierceness of a tiger defending her own. Back down... it is only a performance evaluation....!

I guess you can relax if I love you - you can be sure I won't be listening to comments about you behind your back!

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