Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Hairy Compromise

I've got beautiful kids. Of course, my boys might not be so delighted to hear me call them that, and my girl would roll her eyes and make a face, but they are beautiful.

My daughter has long dark hair down past her waist. She refuses to let me cut it, which means long combing sessions every day. I just learned this summer from Lilly that if I put oil on her hair after I wash it, it is so much more manageable! My in-laws don't use oil, so I hadn't thought of it, but they don't have long hair, either. Putting oil on my hair would have been the last thing I would do to my hair! But it has helped tame the tangles on my daughter's head.

Usually, my daughter wears her hair in braids. We get the option of one braid or two, and on rare occasions a pony tail. Her hair looks absolutely gorgeous in a bun, but she hates buns. She says it feels like a bump nailed on the top of her head.

I seriously hope when she gets older that she is willing to try some of these styles that are options with her hair (mine is too thin to ever grow long), but in the meantime, we have come to a workable compromise. She gets to wear her hair any way she likes Monday to Saturday, and I get to play with it on Sundays (if I have time!).

A few Sundays ago, I did this:

I loved it; she hated it, but she wore it for one day.


junglewife said...

Looks cute to me!!! It's fun to play with our kids' hair, isn't it? Unfortunately Natalie will only let me fix her hair in "one ponytail." :-P

If you think it would be much easier to have her hair shorter, do you think she would consider a haircut if it was for something like Locks of Love???

Ellie said...

I tried that argument since we have a friend whose little girl lost her hair, but she is not interested and cries at the thought of cutting it, so we won't.