Friday, August 6, 2010

When All Else Fails, Phone Home

I also thought about DIY Medicine for a title, but...

I am so thankful in our lives for a doctor in our home church who has made himself available to us for years now.  He's answered so many frantic e-mails, took phone calls in the middle of the night, and seen us when we've been home for free.  He's advised me when other missionaries visited out town "over there" for medical care and we had questions.  He's phoned in prescriptions all over the US when my son's asthma acted up or I ran into bed bugs.  He came in on his day off when my son stuck an arrow through his lip on our last home leave.

So, when I continued to get no care here, I picked up the phone and phoned home.  I sent a few photos of the injury and asked what to do.  He was able to give me a good idea of what to do.  Then I was faced with two different doctors who were both adamant about their treatment option.  I was inclined to believe my doctor at home, but then got to thinking.  One of my best friends in Bible school married another classmate of mine, and he went on to become a dermatologist.  He would be the best one to ask about it.  So one more phone call home and one more e-mail with some photos.

Now we have a clear plan of treatment.  The "let it dry out and heal" is old treatment.  I've been given a better way, so we are well on our way.  After just a half hour soaking, washing well and removing loose dead tissue, we've covered it with an ointment and a dressing.  It looks better already, and he is having less pain in moving the arm.

It is a little bit of DIY medicine, but at least I am thankful for the wonderful guidance I have by doctors at home.  The doctor here basically told me, "well, he'll have a scar like a WW1 war wound, but he's a boy and not going to be a model, so who cares?"

I care.  I really care.  Not because my son will be a model, but because he is my son.  I want him to be able to be active without the pulling of scar tissue from a poorly healed wound.

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