Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Identifying Marks

My son's wound is slowly healing now that it has proper treatment.  It looks so much better.  We're laying bets now as to what the scar will look like.  Whatever it look like, it will identify my son for life.  We thought of that recently when I looked at some form to fill out and it had a blank for "identifying marks".  He will have one. 

This identifying mark will have a story behind it.  A story of a basically good boy who was doing a good deed, a story about a typical boy behavior which ended in a fairly dramatic wound.  The story of the fight to get care, of the kindness of doctors far away, and his mother's insistence in caring for him.  The story of a boy's incurable grin and good humor through it all.  (Actually the hardest thing for him is sitting still for a 20 minute soaking!)

It is an identifying mark.  All his life, people will see it and ask, "What happened?"  And he will laugh and tell his story.

I think we all have identifying marks.  Some are visible.  Others aren't.  We have stories behind healing or healed marks.  My son's scar will forever bear testimony to the love and concern of his mother who did not accept the verdict of "it will look like a WWI war injury, but who cares?".  Some of my healed scars bear testimony to a Father's love and concern - He did not leave me open and raw, but healed.  Others bear testimony to people He sent into my life to heal.  But I have my identifying marks.

This last week has been rough on us in other ways - far deeper wounds than the ones etched into my sons' arms.  We're in need of the comfort of the Healer.  Today we hurt, but I am not so afraid of the wounding even while it hurts.  I know my Father is skilled and concerned about our wounds and will care for us with a determined love far stronger than the love I fought for my son's arm with.

It will leave an identifying mark, though.  One which bears testimony to the pain, and hopefully one which tells a story of a Father's loving concern and our joy through the pain.

What things have left identifying marks on you and what do they testify to?

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Carrie said...

Thinking of you all today.

How is the scar coming along? Vitamin E? Mederma? That was one nasty gash.

I have scars, but most are self-inflicted. I'm so glad our Father gives beauty for ashes!