Monday, August 30, 2010

Love is....

.... eating apples with cinnamon, brown sugar, and whipped cream in bed while watching a movie on the laptop because we have no visitors!  Happy dance!

.... but it is so stinking hot right now...  that is the only downside.  Otherwise a nice warm blanket and it would really feel like fall.  Nope, we've got the fans on and still too warm.  I don't understand this weather - a few weeks ago we were freezing our.... (ummm.... would you believe me if I said I was going to say "toes"?... no?  me neither!)  off!  Now we're sweating at midnight.  Of course, we are not in the same place, but it's not so easy to adjust to two wild extremes.

I like visitors.  Really.  Just its been a few rough weeks and it is nice to eat apples in bed and do nothing for an evening.

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