Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Happened to the Creepy Old Man

He was injured in an accident.


Well, his face was.  She was so proud of the pie she had made and the picture she had carved on it.  No hearts or berries or leaves for her - she had carved a face, complete with beard and mustache.  By the time I put it on the pie, it warped enough to look like a creepy old man.  She was delighted.  "Look mom, he even has eyebrows!"

So he did.

She carried the creepy old man pie proudly on her lap in the car to the party, but as we rounded a corner, I heard a thump and a wail.

The creepy old man had slid off her lap and hit the side of the door.  She was desolate.  I retrieved as much of the old man that was salvageable, but the face did not resemble him at all by the end.  There was enough pie that still could be eaten, but the carefully carved features were destroyed.

I can't say that I really missed him that much.

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