Friday, August 6, 2010

Hunting Down Care

Life is so different here than at home.  At home, I walk in to a hospital or doctor's office and expect to get help.  Here, it is a different story.

My second son's arm is healing well.  It is the first son we are concerned about.  Several weeks in, he still has a chunk of thick dead skin attached to him.  It needs to come off, but getting someone to do it is a problem.  I've been bounced between two different doctors and offices.   The most they can come up with is, "no, the other office needs to do it."  It reminds me of when that son was born and the trouble we had getting him circumcised.  We got told off, racial slurs thrown at us, and refused to do it.  My husband was told, "go back to your own country and get it done!"  Finally a kind OB stepped in and did it for us even though he never does those.  He used to when he worked in the hospital, so he did know what he was doing!  None of his office nurses knew how to assist and worried aloud if they would pass out watching, so I stepped in and assisted.  Not exactly the place I wanted someone to pass out and not hold the baby still!

So my job today?  To go out and fight with the medical establishment to get proper treatment for my son.  The boy is a trooper and has been very good.  Pray that we get help today.

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