Monday, March 1, 2010

Blind Spots

So I am back, alive, well, not back, but not there either... yeah, complicated. :)

I went, I saw, I watched, I thought.

Anyway, today, I was thinking about blind spots... talking this over with my husband.  I sat during my trip and watched perfectly great people, ones I respect and admire unable to see some areas in their lives. 

Blind spots.

They cause pain.  They are unable to stop that pain beause they don't see.  My heart cries looking at these situations.  Seeing pain, and unable to do anything.  Knowing that in neither of these situations would they want to cause pain, but it is a place they do not see well.

I saw it in another person, too.  Perhaps a bigger blindsspot, more obvious to more people and causing damage.

How defensive we are about our blind spots!  We rationalize them when told of them, state our view point, clarify what we do see.

I'm sure I have mine.  In fact, these two I saw in others, I recognize so well because to some degree I have the same ones.  Likely more, too.

I'd like to be a person who reacts to being shown my blind spots with humility and grace.  With thankfulness for the gift of another's eyes where I don't see.  I'm not that person, but I'd like to be.


Cindy said...

me, too

Becky Aguirre said...

Glad you are sorta back...yeah, blind spots...wouldn't it be great if we could all have the humility and openness to work on those spots? I guess the place to start is with me, eh?