Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nit Picking


I spent my day nit picking. A friend and her kids had lice, and even after treatment, she still found one on her kid, so she called for help. Five heads in the house - I declined to check her husband's small beard.... :-) She can do that! The little baby is only a month old, so it was a bit overwhelming to try to nit pick so many wiggly heads! Armed with a new video from my collection, some treats, and a good comb, I went over. I think they are clean now. I hope so... nit picking is exhausting!

Meeting is canceled for Wednesday, and might be on for Thursday.... maybe..... It's only been three years that I have been asking for a chance to talk to our team leader about this, but... he's just always busy.... Yeah, I get used to it after awhile. Whether he talks or not, there will be action taken. I have back up. My home church pastor found out what is going on and phoned me.

Ok. I'll admit it - I should have listened to him about four years ago, but honestly, it was frightening. I was in a new place, all alone, and without support. The thought of confronting my husband then terrified me. Now I am more settled, with friends and support systems around me.

I'm too tired after nitpicking tonight to write about that conversation, but I'll try to get a note in soon. There was something our home pastor said that made me smile, and I haven't quit smiling yet. It was a huge weight taken off my shoulders. Good news. So, I'll try to write tomorrow, but I'm wiped out tonight and am dreaming of a hot shower.... especially after the thought of nits....

Feeling better... tired... but only from nitpicking, and from being set aside one more time... but less tired emotionally.


Becky Aguirre said...

I am so very thankful that so far (knock on wood!!!!) we have not had to deal with this in our family...probably our time will come. And I'm not sure that buzzing will be popular with our boys, they like their hair long!

I am so very happy to hear that some of the weight has been taken off of your shoulders, even if it was a small thing! And you probably shouldn't obsess about not taking action years ago, it doesn't sound like you were in the right place for it...and God knows and will work things out in His good time!

Sarah Dawn said...

Delighted to meet you and share in your missionary journey as a family. I'll be back to get to know youa bit more. And yes, I know the dreams of hot showers.

Hugs from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn

Ellie said...

Hi Sarah! Nice to meet you!

Yeah, Becky, I hear that long hair is back in for boys... Thankfully mine still like theirs short, like really short. My oldest was shaved bald recently, him and his best friend. Much easier to care for, that is for sure! Besides his hair grows straight up! Straight up. It will not lie down!

Their school still has rules about length of hair, so it is a question we don't deal with... after picking nits from a friend's kids, I'm thankful.

Becky Aguirre said...

Our school here has pretty strict rules, too, about the hair, much to Micah's disgust!!! Can't touch the eyebrows, tops of ears, or the collar. We tried to have it a "shorter long" cut, but they didn't care for that, either, so we've had to go quite a bit shorter, what they call an "hongo" cut, mushroom? Anyway, we told him he can grow it out for the summer...he's going to be pretty shaggy come August! LOL!