Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Appearances are not always correct. I thought my middle son was a fairly neat person. I thought that, that is, until I went to spring clean his bedroom.

He's not neat. He's just adept at hiding his messes.

I think he has "cleaned" his room all year by simply stuffing things in drawers. Last night I cleaned his room without his input. Yes, he helped, but I did not go through the time-consuming process of asking if he wanted to keep this or that. I made the decisions. It is clean now. I don't think he will miss much - he couldn't find it anyway!

I gave him the job of sorting through his way too many clothes. He only wears two T-shirts anyway - hates all the others. I made him make three piles: "ones I hate", "ones I don't really like", and "ones I love". I kept the "ones I love" pile and pulled two decent ones off the "ones I don't really like", and took the rest up to his brother's room. This morning, we went through the little guy's drawers, but his were not so messy since I regularly check his.

I quit half way through the little guy's room. I'm tired. I've got him packed for our trip, and his clothes sorted. I just need to haul some boxes to storage and others to give away. My oldest is supposedly working on his room on his own before I come to look at it. It shouldn't be that bad since I did go through all his stuff when we moved him back into his redone room after the leaks.

We're getting there.


Becky Aguirre said...

I like that...good at hiding his messes! LOL! Sounds like you are making progress...

Karis said...

One time, my daughter cleaned her room so quickly and without even one time of calling me for "something important." And everything looked great... until I looked under the bed. When I came up from my looking under the bed position, she looked at me sadly -- she hadn't even gotten away with it for one day. I never look under her bed so I have no idea how that "mom sense" kicked in.