Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bald is Beautiful - and lice free!

Well, especially when it is a shaved head.... I love rubbing bald heads. Now I do restrain myself around adults unless they have Alzheimers, but I love bald heads. I love the little fuzzy hair and the round funny shapes of kid's heads and how their ears stick out. And with kids, I can rub them.

I rub my old people's heads, too. When they are confused and crying and anxious, I rub their head and sing to them, and they close their eyes and rest. I did ask permission and rub my brother-in-law's bald head... but I'm related to him!

We have two bald heads in my daughter's class now. Two parents took my free advice that shaving is so much easier than nit picking! I suspect the next boy will be back in school tomorrow as the third bald head around. I'm going to shave my youngest son since one is his best friend and he is feeling self-conscious. They are so adorably cute with their little heads shaved! Just cute.

Oh, today... I was helping out testing kindergartners. I had to ask them true or false questions, so we used the "did it happen or did it not happen" approach. I checked with an unbelievable and a obvious statement to make sure they understood how to answer.

It worked well until I told one little boy, "An octopus came in your classroom today and ate your teacher."


"That really happened?"


"Um, octopus don't come in the classroom."

"Yes. There are octopus in the ocean."

"I know. But.. did one really eat your teacher and she is dead?"


I just looked at him, and then he clicked his tongue, shook his head, and elaborated, "My mom was afraid that was going to happen."

Ok, I lost it then! Trying very hard to keep a straight face, we went on.....

Turns out, the kid has a huge imagination and is always telling unbelievable stories... but still...??!!

Oh, and come to think about it, octopus are bald, too. So I don't need to separate these topics!


Anonymous said...

LOL! This is funny! Reminds me of the Frazz comics that often read.

Becky Aguirre said...

That sounds like something out of Baby Blues! Hilarious!

I like the fuzzy bald feel, too, but try to restrain myself, heh heh! :) We actually did buzz Micah's hair once when he was about 2 1/2 (even at that age, he didn't like it!) and he looked funny because he has a big bump on one side of his head from birth. He had a something or other that I can't pronounce, like a big blister? and it calcified into a rather large bump and makes his hair stick out funny. He will eventually grow into it, they told me, and it has gotten "smaller" as he's grown...