Tuesday, December 30, 2008

School Books, School Books

Kayla's books arrived! Yeah! We had her family over for lasagna tonight and played games and laughed. Then I could show them the books, and talk over how we want to approach this. Basically, they gave me free reign to do whatever. (little happy dance) I would not have minded working on strategy together, and I will communicate well with them, but it is easier to work when I have the ability to make decisions. I'm looking through it tonight and getting familiar with how I want to teach this.

I'm excited!

Oh, and another bonus... her family, who also go to our church, are well off. (I wish there was a way to say that that sounds more polite...) Anyway, I did not ask, although the school suggested it. They are going to pay me, and well above what I would have asked if I asked! Wow! What a nice surprise! I would have taught her anyway. Really. But it is a nice gift.

So when school starts again, Kayla and I are going to celebrate. I think we will start off with burning or otherwise maliciously destroying her old math book which she hates. Then on to basic math. Keep her in your prayers when school starts. I want to do well. I want her to do well. I want this to work. It is a little scary at times. I went head to head with the principal and assistant principal and told them that what they were doing wasn't working and that I thought I could do better..... (the teacher is 100% behind me)..... sounds a little arrogant.... so it scares me some. I don't want to fail. But it would be hard to fail more than the current program is failing this child. So, I go into school on Monday both excited and nervous.


Becky Aguirre said...

That is exciting! How can you fail, really? Seems like at this point, any change for the better will succeed! :) I'll be thinking of you come Monday...

nora said...

That's great, Ellie! I'll be praying too. If you need any supplemental stuff for your curriculum, I can't recommend Mathematics, a Way of Thinking highly enough. I used it in addition to the textbook when I taught third grade, but it's geared to 4th-6th grade. It worked. It's ancient, from the 70s, but I never had a failed lesson from it. It's the one book I hauled with me to Africa, in case I ever have to teach. In case anyone ever finds out that I'm a certified teacher.

Shhhhh....don't tell!

Karis said...

What a blessing for this girl to have you on her learning team.