Saturday, December 20, 2008

Book #2 - Escape

The next one I read was called Escape by Lorena McCourtney. Another author I had not heard of before, but who has apparently written quite a few books. (Having four kids... I'm sort of out of the "read everything written" stage.)

This story is about a single women who inherits the guardianship of her nephew when her brother and his wife die. The powerful, but evil family of the deceased mother is also looking for the child. The book is the story of Beth's attempt to keep the child safe, and of course, the inevitable romance that most light fiction contains.

I thought it was a decent book. Interesting. One you can escape into for a few hours. Nothing spectacular or edge of your seat, but decent. As a mother, I can obviously relate to the desire to keep your children safe from "the bad guy".

Its a decent book. Fun to read. But that is about all. If you read this one expecting that, it is good. I think because of the cover photo design, I was expecting something more in depth form the book and was mildly disappointed, but over all, a good light read.

Now, the next one I started is a wow! But it is a true story.


Becky Aguirre said...

Well, I'm pretty "up" on books and haven't heard of this author! Not that I read everything written, but I get the CBD catalogs and read them pretty thoroughly...anyway, sounds like an interesting one and sometimes I like something that is lighter fare... :)

Ellie said...

This is for you, Becky, and I grabbed two things for your kids.

Umm... well... you have kids, too...

I wanted to keep the books in mint condition, but some kid (no one will admit who) bent the cover, so it is creased...

words are still good, though!