Saturday, December 20, 2008

Book #3 - Walking Taylor Home by Brian Schrauger


I know I said I am a "read and pass on" type with books. Comes from having to move so much. But every once in awhile, I run across a book I hang on to.

I'm hanging on to this one.

Taylor's story. I face life and death fairly often. I've seen death face to face both in patients, in parents who have just been told news that they can not possibly absorb, in war zones, and even closer, in the death of my first daughter before she was born. I've faced the fear with a medical situation which worsened quickly with no explanation. I've watched doctors struggle to find a treatment. I've crawled to the doorway to watch my three baby sons sleeping and wept the night before I went in for a treatment that hopefully would reverse the problems, but which could also seriously backfire. Thankfully, I'm healthy now. Where I work now, I still see death often... but usually in people over 80, and there is a difference.

But Taylor's story....

There is nothing I can really say to this. It is a story of a boy who faced cancer head on, and lives as he dies. It is a story of a father who is honest about his pain and his questions. And it is a story about love, the love of a father to his son, the love of a son to his father, and the love of a Father to His sons.

I'm keeping this book. But, I'm heading back to the bookstore on Monday, and there were lots of them their last time, so I'll pick up a few more of them. Angela, one is for you.

That might be all for book reviews for awhile. It is a book which you can not put down and reach for another. It stays with you after you turn the last page and stare off into nowhere.


Becky Aguirre said...

Sounds like a tremendous story! There's a place for these stories, gives us hope as we ourselves face our own paths in life...

Angela said...


I'm so touched that you want to send me a copy. I'm looking forward to reading it.

I've been following the blog of a family who lost their little girl to cancer a year ago. The mother has been very transparent in telling of the struggles they faced in battling cancer and suffering the loss of their daughter. It's been really amazing to witness their journey and also to see the Lord's faithfulness in the midst of their sorrow and pain. So I'm sure that this story will be very powerful as well.

Thank you!

Ellie said...

I went back to the store and searched, but they only had one more left. It is for Angela.

You'll like it, Angela. It proves we can run even if we've had a leg cut off, even when life seems too hard.

I'm still debating if I will really hang on to mine. It seems like a selfish decision. I rarely read a book twice, at least not in twenty years. I might reread this one again and pass it on, too.

I've read that blog, too. I linked through your site and read it. I think it is what made me pick up this book, thinking about that little girl.

E. T. Tenna said...

Maybe you will find the right person at a later time to give this book to...

Thanks for the book reviews, :D