Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good News Bad News

I am slowly getting stronger.  I've had a few treatments and am recovering.  I just have to learn to take it easy.  It is hard to do that, honestly, without feeling guilty.  What wife just sleeps all morning?  A lazy one, that is who.  But I am not lazy - just wiped.

However,  I am managing without an afternoon nap, too.  I feel like a nine month old baby... I think that was about the age mine stopped napping twice in the day! :)

I've been silent on this blog for awhile.  I'm thinking alot about what I will be writing here.  The blog has picked up one or two readers who should not be reading it, and I'm unsure now of whether I will be able to keep posting freely on it or not.  I miss blogging freely, but this has made it awkward.

I've thought of doing a blog with a password - Beautiful Feet does this for some of her blog posts... but I would lose many good readers that I have no problem with them reading my blog.  I just haven't figured it out yet.

Hopefully, I will keep posting soon.... it's been a great community.


Cindy said...

been missing your blog

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear you are on the mend.

We've really struggled with the purpose of our blog... because you never know who is reading. We've always password protected posts about the girls, and often about ministry, but my husband was even uncomfortable with some of that, so we've moved the purpose of the blog more to daily life and cultural insights... but even that we have to be careful with, because if I was too honest about some things, I would surely offend my friends here in Lebanon (or random Lebanese who stumble across the blog)... it's a tough line that I feel like we are constantly re-defining.

Didn't mean to write a book, haha, just wanted to say that I understand the difficulty of being public, but would miss the raw honesty of your posts if you do have to change the way you blog. :)

Phil and Pattie said...

You've been in my prayers and I am glad to hear that you're feeling better. Praying that you receive better care in the future.

I know what you mean about the awkwardness and not feeling free to be as open. I have appreciated your honesty as so many others have mentioned but I can understand the tension you are facing about what you now feel free to share. Praying for wisdom as you sort that out. ~Pattie

Shan in Japan said...

Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Prayers from here, too, for strength, healing and wisdom.