Sunday, April 10, 2011

Only on a Sunday - If You Ask.....

..... he will answer.

#3 was at it again this morning.  The pastor was reading from 2 Cor. where it asks, "what does righteousness have in common with lawlessness?.."

I felt a hard poke in the sides.  (At least he poked me and didn't raise his hand this time.)

"I know!  They both end in "-ness"!!"

I really don't think that is what Apostle Paul was meaning to ask.

Later on, the pastor when on to tell about not hitching an ox and a donkey together - not being un-equally yoked.  He simply, in the course of his conversation, said, "If you did yoke a ox and a donkey together, what do you think would happen?"

#3 had the answer for this one.  He not only raised his hand, but shouted out, "OOOHH, I know!!!"

I don't think the pastor was really looking for an answer, but he stopped to ask, "what?"

"They would plow circles because the ox would pull harder!"

You know?  I had never thought of that possibility myself.

He's a funny kid.  Just a funny kid.  But.... he does listen in church.

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