Thursday, April 14, 2011


Anemia is a lonely disease.

I have enough energy now to manage to get through a percentage of my daily tasks, but none left over.  None left over to visit friends.  None left over to write blogs.  None left over to connect with anyone.  Barely enough left over to say boo to my husband.

Sleep, eat, struggle to manage, and sleep again.

It is one of those things which you don't think of when you think of anemia... the loneliness factor.

Just not enough energy left to feed the soul.


Jamie Jo said...

Sorry. I'm praying for you this morning.

Karin said...

Oh, so sorry to hear this. Just this morning in our small little church in the red light district a lady got up and told the story of God healing her from anemia. She has been struggling for years. So now just here I am praying for you for healing. Many hugs, God can touch you. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I will lift you in prayer, and I know God will answer.

Romans 8:28