Friday, May 6, 2011

How to Spell Exhaustion

Someone just asked me what my title was to put on a mission's conference form.  Hmm... well... I am titleless.  Or it really depends... cook, mom, trouble-shooter, babysitter, errand girl, tailor, secretary, writer, ... and today, I add another one...

disciplinarian.  Yup, that's me.  And it is wearing me out!

We've got a split third/fourth grade class.  They are comprised primarily of alpha males, some with learning disabilities and some with attention disabilities and some with attitude problems.  Then throw in a few passive aggressive girls and some teary-eyed ones who break down over everything, and for good measure two kids who have the solution to everyone's problems and feel free to share it even when not asked.  Then do a teacher switch in the middle of the year, then once the new teacher is going well, take her out of the picture for three weeks on a sickness and then put in a rotation of subs, and then bring the new teacher back.  Add to the fun that the new teacher is unexpectedly pregnant and had a previous miscarriage and this one is questionable.  Just to up the stress a little, run fifth disease, which is bad for early pregnant women, through the class, too.  Oh, and then there is the spring production that we have to learn our parts for, too.  That is next week, and we're nowhere close to being ready.

I've been brought in with two objectives - get control of the class and mentor the new teacher to be able to maintain that control.

The first day was a constant battle.  Today, we made progress, but it was still a very busy, exhausting day.  Monday, we'll come in after a weekend, hopefully fresh and ready to keep going.  But right now, I'm wiped!

And I work this weekend,.... so no rest for the wicked!

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