Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Things They Say!

My daughter helped me clean my room today.  She carefully hung up clothes I put on hangers.  Two of the boys were in the room, too.  They noticed that my closet is crowded, and I told them that is because daddy and I share, and we have more hanging clothes than they do.  I reminded them that they each get their own closet, so should be thankful.

My daughter has a sweet heart, so she was silent thinking.  Then she suggested that I share her closet.  She has very little hanging up, so it is a reasonable idea.  I thanked her and said I might just do that later on.

We continued to fold clothes, and then she had another question.

"If you share a room with me, will it still be ok if I listen to my story tapes at night or will that bother you?"


No, no, a closet I may share, but I am still sharing my room with daddy!!  I would just use some of your closet space!

Funny that she would think I would move with my clothes.  As her brother said, "Um, no, you don't quite get it yet!"

I am still plugging away at my goal of decluttering the house.  It is slow, and has many setbacks when I turn round and discover that they have messed up an area I cleaned already.

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