Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Things They Come Up With!

Since not everything they do is on a Sunday, I need a new title for the kid's funny things.  (Actually, half the time, we go through a Sunday without a hassle!)

This morning, I decided to wear my off-white capris.  I hadn't worn these since a trip to meet women from many countries.  That day, a lovely Egyptian grandma walked up some stairs behind me and then told me, "You shouldn't wear white pants.  It makes your butt look really big, you know."


Thank-you.  I really needed to know that.  Yeah.  I feel really confident now about standing up and sharing my heart with you.....

Today, though, I decided to make peace with the size of my derriere and wear the white capris.  I thought I looked fairly nice, but when I turned around to view that same back view, I realized that wearing my nice undies with the bright flowers on them was not a good idea.  So I went to change to plain white.

At this point, my daughter came in my room and asked why I was changing.  Seizing on the teachable moment, I shared my wisdom  "Because the flowers on my undies show through with when I wear these white pants, so you need to wear plain white undies with white pants."

She replied, "But they are pretty.  Mommy, the flowers are really pretty, so it's ok if they show through.  People can't see all your undies - just the pretty flowers!"


All the same, I'll keep my pretty flowers to myself, thank-you.

1 comment:

Karis said...

I cannot believe the Egyptian grandma. There has to be cultural story behind her telling you that. Oh my!

And your daughter is hilarious.