Sunday, May 16, 2010

We Interrupt This Story For..... um, THE Talk

Ok, I think we need to have THE talk with my kids.  We were driving home late tonight from a wedding and a visit with friends and my kids were talking.  We drove through farmland, so the kids asked if they could get a goat.  I would like a goat, but don't think we will get one.  But anyway this is how the conversation went from there:

"We could get a male goat and a female goat, and then we could have babies!" exclaimed #3 excitedly.

"We don't need a male goat.  All we need is a female." I told them, not at all interested in baby goats.

"But what if we want babies?" asked #2

"We can always take the female goat to a farm to visit a male goat." I told him.

"Or we could buy sperm!" interrupted #2

(What?!  Yeah, I can just see me going down to the local goat sperm store!!!)

"No, it is much simpler to just take the female to visit a male goat and let them do it themselves." I explained, hoping to change the subject.

"Or, maybe we could get two female goats" chirps up #2 happily, "then they could have babies and all the babies would be female, too!"

(Umm... what is that again?!)

"No, that is not how it works!" #1 said very wisely.

"No, that doesn't work like that in animals", #2 added in, "It only works like that with birds!"

My husband and I turned to look at each other blinking in confusions... then giggled.  I think it is time to have THE talk and get their information straight!

Especially where the conversation went after that... I couldn't record it exactly because their voices were quieter, but it was something about Jesus being a miracle because He was a boy born from a woman without a man....

So apparently a virgin birth would have been no big deal if she had given birth to a girl... because apparently girls can have girls without a man in the picture!

Next on the agenda - getting our facts straight!!!


Alan & Beth McManus said...

That is classic! I laughed so hard! I hope we don't get to THE TALK in my family any time soon!

Karis said...

So this is what I have to look forward to! So, so, so funny! I needed that laugh.