Monday, May 3, 2010

OK Ya'll!

I feel like I've been talking to an empty room.  I've been determined to write my story out perhaps just to hear it myself.  But this silence is freaking me out....  beginning to think I've gone plumb crazy and am talking to myself!

So, let's talk!  I may finish out this story at some point, but let's make it easy:

What do you think of the new blog design?  (see, I told you I'd make it easy!)

There were others I liked, too, but I was following Carrie's advice and sticking with a fast loading page with white background to the print.

If that question doesn't work for you, how about "What is growing in your garden recently?"

My tulips have come up.  I love tulips.  Very soon I will plant my vegetables.  Hoping to grow some good ones this year!

So - talk!  (or I just may go check myself in to a looney bin!)

Spell check does not like "looney" and suggests that I change it to "lonely".  Ha!  Even the computer knows that no one talking gets awful lonely!


junglewife said...

Hi there! No, don't go looney on us! :-) I'm here, and I've been reading all your story updates, I just didn't feel like I could comment on all of them. But it is very good to hear the story, and all that you went through, all that was behind your short posts of "please pray!"

I love the purple and the flowers - very pretty!

Carrie said...

I'm here. I've just been so busy kissing my nieces and nephew, my Mom, and my baby sister. It has been won.der.ful!

Before I left my overseas home, the tulips were in full bloom and the fruit trees were nearly finished flowering. I just missed the quince flowers, but I saw everything else. It's my favorite time of year!

I can't say how quickly the new design would load in my village home, but right now it's loading at lightening speed :)

Your story has been absolutely precious to read. I'm glad you took the time to write it out!

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your story.. thanks for sharing!

Lots of little sprouts in our "garden" which here consists of old water bottles filled with dirt out on the balcony! :)

Alan & Beth McManus said...

I've been following your story all along. I have been praying you through the aftermath of all of it. I just didn't know what to say that wouldn't sound trite or preachy!

I like the new format as it loads much faster now.

As for the garden, it's the middle of hot dry season here. Most of my plants that I had cut back at the end of rainy season are now growing again. My poinsettia has sprouted and, hopefully, will be 6 ft. tall by Christmas.

Sorry for the silence. Just too overwhelmed to say anything, I guess.


R said...

Hi Ellie,

We've never met, but we're both MKs so I suppose that makes us "family," right? :)

I read the updates every day. Thanks for sharing your story!


Cindy said...

been holding my breath and reading and waiting to hear the end of the story!

Ellie said...

Hi Sarah! - Enjoy your trip "home".

Carrie - glad to know you survived the plane trip. Don't know where you are from, though... write me and tell me if you want.

Nicolette - hi! Your baby is adorable! Enjoy the spoiling time. Babies are such a help in a strange country for making friends and learning language!

Beth - Hope you are doing ok. Hot season, visas, busy-ness... praying for you!

Ruth - Hi! Nice to meet a new family member. Care to introduce yourself more or are you an anonymous blogger, too?

Cindy - Thanks for the compliment!

Muni Fragmentation #1 said...

Thank you for sharing the story. It has been amazing to read.

Becky Aguirre said...

Hey, Ellie, got a little behind last couple of days. I have read every single one of your emails, just haven't commented! For one thing, when I read in Google Reader, I forget sometimes to go back and leave a comment. Been enjoying the story and so glad that God saw fit to allow things to work out like they did. God is good.

I've got the raspberries growing strong again this year! Hopefully they will produce like crazy again...the kids love to go out and pick them every day. :) I've also got some pretty flowers and my nopal has beautiful orangey-yellowy flowers. I really must post a picture!

Love you! Becky

Becky Aguirre said...

p.s. I do like the new blog layout! But then, I'm easy to!

Ellie said...

Becky - Google reader is bad that way. I notice I do the same thing, too. totally forget to comment, although I read every post you write... loved the throwing up picture!