Sunday, May 30, 2010

Here We Go Again...

One of the more awkward things about my blog is the sheer fact that I can not say much.  I would love to say what we do or even what part of the world we work with.  Can't.  It is that simple.  All I can really say is that it is a difficult area of the world.... yeah, which area isn't? :)

So we work in a difficult area among people who do not exactly welcome us with open arms.  As a result, there are times that things get difficult.  Sometimes they are more difficult than other times.

Then there is the difficulty of how to ask for prayer at times without saying what is going on.  When we can't say, how do we ask?

But it is time to be praying again.  It is a different situation, but still needing prayer.  Pray for God's hand in the situation, controlling, leading, and protecting.  Pray for our country - there is a lot of tension right now under the surface.  I feel worried, but also in another way, hopeful.  God is working in a big way, things are happening.  There will be opposition.  It is to be expected.... but it also concerns us.

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Walking to China said...

We live in an uncertain country, too! I understand and will pray.