Sunday, May 9, 2010


Interesting thing I found out writing through this - I was working at a pretty steady pace of one or two posts a day when I had time, and it was going well.  As I wrote through it more and more, it began to feel like slowly putting a burden down.  Being able to sort through it and look at each step, each piece of this puzzle.  And as I did, I felt lighter and lighter.

Then came the day that I thought, "Ok, I will just finish up and get through this section" and I wrote more posts all in one day.  Oops - mistake!  That evening, I struggled again.  Too many feelings and too much invisible baggage pulled out at once.  I struggled with my emotions again and had bad dreams that night.  I think I felt a little like when we decided to clean up a closet and just pull everything out and then realize that it is too much to sort through before bedtime.... a little overwhelmed!

I'm ok now.  And determined just to walk slowly through it, piece by piece.  It works better than way.

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Karis said...

I just realized you have lots of new posts on here. Going to catch up again. I feel I can sort through things and process things better too when I write them out. It just doesn't feel quite so chaotic in my mind.