Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tickets in Hand, Bags almost packed

I know.  I don't leave for a week and a half, but I like to be prepared.  Calms me down.

Oh, if anyone ever offers to send you the movie "Hoodwinked", say NO!  My kids are constantly singing, "I've got horns to hang my keys, horns to ...." and ending it with a loud triumphant, "I WAS PREPARED!"

Enough said - just don't watch the movie!

But I like to be prepared all the same.  So today was a good day for me.  We also dealt with the issues that cropped up.  After a long visit, we determined that the stress of the upcoming trip is likely affecting this one person - she doesn't handle stress well... (pray for me - I have to take her with me for two weeks!)  She spoke wrongly in a tense situation from stress.  We can settle it all down, I hope.  There are larger issues in her life that would be great if she would deal with, but we can go on through this.  Blowing it up now and demanding an accounting for her words might not be the best choice right now.  We can come back to the principles we as a team want to have in communication and validating each other at another time.

I'm wiped out, but feeling more on top of things, I think.

Except for the kind friend who tried to encourage me yesterday by telling me just how many people are killed every day where I am going and all the possible things that could go wrong.  Thanks - I was having trouble thinking of all those myself! :)  Actually, I'm ok, not frightened, but didn't need her fear dumped on me either.

I've picked up my knitting again.  It's calming and repetitive.


Carrie said...

I like to be prepared, too. Big trips stress me out until all the packing is done. But even then I wonder if I forgot something. I'm not a very good traveler.

I'm glad the team issues are seemingly on the mend.

Becky Aguirre said...

I don't think knitting would calm me down, lol! I'd muff it all up...glad you are prepared, albeit a wee bit early! haha! :) And yeah, stress gets me every time. :( no fun...happy knitting!

Ellie said...

Well, besides knitting, I went for a double workout this morning - whew! Got my heart pumping! Then to rip down some walls in the basement where we are trying to put in a new shower - nothing taking a sledge hammer to some walls to relieve stress! :)

Becky Aguirre said...

Hmmm...sledge hammer has!