Monday, February 1, 2010

Good Things

Just Random:

I cooked the national dish of my husband's country and did an awesome job!

I found an exercise buddy and worked out for an hour and a half today and have a "date" to repeat it on Wednesday.

My house is clean again!  I had a guest who I enjoyed, but who leaves a disaster after him and distracted my kids from their routines.  He left, and order is slowly returning.  I function better in order.

I almost have tickets.  I always feel better about trips when I have tickets and my bags packed.  My bag is almost packed.

I had a good day at work and got commended for a job well done.  (Not telling you what that job is as it would be a little embarrassing.  It causes my coworkers enough giggles that "the missionary" and another coworker, "the pastor's wife" are the best at this particular skill.

I passed a review standards test without having to go to the training.  I convinced my boss to let me challenge the exam and passed with flying colors.

My son sang during the service yesterday, and his voice sounds so good.  He's growing, and he made it through a whole song without it cracking.  The new "big" voice sounds so good.  Proud of him.

My #2 son helped me cook and get things ready for company tonight with no incidents of grumbling.  Thankful for small steps.

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Carrie said...

Everyone needs a few good things once in a while. I'm glad you got yours!

My good thing happened two nights ago at the dinner table. My Love winked and told me I was a good wife. I replied, "Really? Because I'm thinking about getting some books to help me in that area." Our teenage son piped up and said, "No way, Mom! You don't need to read a book; you need to write a book!"

I wanted to squeeze him!!!