Friday, February 5, 2010

It's All in What You Wear

I'm packing today, and decided I had better try on some of my clothes that I had gathered earlier.  (Thought I was doing this trip in Nov.)  I wanted to make sure I still fit them.  (Not going to tell everyone on my blog that I've gained about ten pounds since Nov. - nope, wouldn't want to say that!)  Thankfully, they all still fit - what do you expect with loose, baggy clothes?

So I put them all on, carefully draping myself in the layers of material required to be "decent".  I wasn't sure how the total effect looked, so I walked down the hall to where I have a larger mirror.  It was then I noticed:  I was walking differently.

It's all in what I wear.  An hour earlier, I had joined a friend for a new adventure - a kick boxing class.  I enjoyed it, although the fact that I am coordinationally challenged shows horribly.  I came home feeling on top of the world, full of energy and confidence.  Then I tried on my "over there" clothes.  I walk differently.  Eyes down, cautiously.  Gone was the bouncing confidence and brimming energy.  I'd taken on a whole new identity.

I've lived with that identity for many years, but being "here" for several years now, much of it has left; and I am quick to giggle, easily meet stranger's eyes and smile, and walk with big, happy strides.  How strange to put back on that whole identity again!

I'm thinking today of Jesus.  He who laid aside one thing to take up another.  This is nothing compared to His laying aside, but a tiny picture of it for me today.

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