Monday, February 23, 2009

My Middle Son and the Bullies

Thanks for all your prayers!

I had a talk with my son, and apparently, he had a bad day that day. He admits that these two boys are being mean to him again and calling him names, but he does not seem too worried by it. We talked about it, and I told him that their problems are their problems, and he is not what they call him. I explained that often people who are hurting themselves hurt others in an effort to feel better, and that he does not need to listen to what they say. It is not truth. I also told him that his teachers, parents, and principals are aware of what is going on and are taking action, but I explained that he might not see all the action that is being taken.

He seemed relaxed about it, and happy that we were listening. I also encouraged him to befriend another boy in his class who is friendly with him and to attract the other boy who is bouncing between the three. With those other two, he could form his own "gang" of boys who would be strong enough to withstand the bullies words. Let's pray it works. The other boy - he's friends with my son, but they both have the same issues this year - a growing laziness with their school work and a stinking attitude. I told my son to shape up and pull his buddy along with him. Together, they can be strong and get back to how they were last year - active, interested, intelligent boys.

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