Monday, February 23, 2009

Almost Perfect!

Kayla is learning math! And she's smiling!

Of course, I am still facing the reality that I have a sixth grader who has finally learned adding, but she HAS learned it! Today, I gave her the final test on that unit, and she got a 96%! She only made one mistake! You should have seen her smile.

She's learned to add. And she's learned how to learn math. Tomorrow, we begin subtracting. I'm going to start pushing her harder now that she's learned she can learn.

I knew she could learn. I just knew it! Yes, she learns a little slower and needs good explanations and lots of encouragement, but she CAN learn! And she thinks she is smart. She went home with a test that has a big, red 96% on it and a big smile on her face.


Becky Aguirre said...

YIPPEEEEEE! So good to hear this news! I am so excited for her...success will be a huge boost to her confidence (and for yours as well, I imagine!). :)

Sharon said...

Yeah for her! Sometimes the ones who take longer to grasp the facts retain them a whole lot better. Stay encouraged.

E. T. Tenna said...

Aw...this is so fun!

(And I can't help but notice, you call your sons on the blog by number, but your daughter you call by name.)

Smiling for the special mother's love in you for your daughters.

Ellie said...

No, even my daughter I do not call by name on the blog. Because I speak honestly here, and because I do not want our family's names on the internet, I don't call anyone by name.

Kayla is a friend's child who I teach math to. She is eleven. My daughter is still only six, but oh, she is growing too fast.

Ellie said...

But, yes, I do treat my daughter differently, and she has a very special place in my heart!