Monday, January 19, 2009

Only During Service - A Quick Punishment

The service had ended, and besides the minor scuffle in getting to the juice and cookies first - you know, the one in which my son tackled a girl to the ground... if it helps, it was to defend his sister's right to be first - besides that, church had gone well.

Then came my middle son up to me quietly. "Mom, I think my brother is hurt".


"Well, I think he hurt his tooth, and it is bleeding."

By this time, number three had arrived in tears, mouth bleeding, and shaking from fright.

What happened?

Well... the gist of the story eventually came out. Number three had tried to bite number two (Why?!) and number two had pulled his arm away very quickly (naturally!), and it had half pulled out number three's tooth.

Just punishment, I thought. He is way too old to bite.

Quick examination - it's a baby tooth, no big loss.

"But moommmm! It didn't want to come out yet."

Nope. I guess not. It is now, though. Think about it for the next few weeks until your new one grows in. You bite - you lose.

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Becky Aguirre said...

Oh, funny! I like that, you bite, you lose...LOL!