Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Five Minutes of Accomplishment

I did it! I did it! I've always wanted to do it, and yesterday, I did!

I finished ALL the laundry. All of it. Even cleaned the bedrooms, looked in the bottom of closets and under beds, dug the sock out from beside the washing machine, emptied the pile jammed in behind the winter boots in the hall closet - all of it!

I even folded it all, and put it all away! Wow!

(If you do not have four kids in wet and cold weather, you may not realize what an accomplishment this is.)

I was so happy! I did it! I sat back and enjoyed the thought. My husband even brought me a cup of tea to celebrate with. Then it was bedtime. I went up, took off my jeans and shirt, folded them on the chair by my bed. Then I took off my underwear and socks, and walked in to the bathroom to deposit them in the hamper.... I dumped them in, and there it was.... more laundry!

The great accomplishment lasted only five minutes.... oh, well... It was nice while it lasted.


Becky Aguirre said...

LOL! Yes, the laundry monster...right now I have several loads to do as I'm way behind, but it's freezing out this morning and the thought of hanging out the clothes in the cold weather, well, it's just not that attractive to me...hopefully it will warm up a bit soon!

Sharon said...

Boy, do I know the feeling. That's part of having kids, but enjoy them while they're young. Mine have all flown the nest. Although, I just finished doing 5 loads of laundry, all from my son who is in the army and has left for Iraq(I went and brought all his stuff from his barracks when he left.)It doesn't seem like a chore when you miss them so much.

junglewife said...

Laundry... the gift that just keeps on giving...