Sunday, January 4, 2009

Book Review #5

The Christmas List - by Pete Nelson

This one is an odd one to categorize. Fiction. I think. It is the type of book that has you turning the cover over and over to read about the author to see if perhaps it was a true story. You want it to be true. Perhaps it is. I really don't know.

Christian fiction? That would be a bit of a stretch. Only if your idea of Christian is "do good things and go to church once in awhile".

Romantic fiction? Not really. There is the obligatory "fall in love and marry" in it - twice in fact. But it is not exactly a romance.

It is a good book. An extremely well-written story, yet one which doesn't read like a story. It sounds real. Real issues, real family, real people. And a warm story in the middle of it all.

Good book. Just not exactly one that you listen to the theology in, although the total sum of theology is pretty basic - man is good, and if we do good things, that is good.

Nice read, though. Cute story. Can move you to tears at times (not that I am a crying type!) simply because it sounds real.

Don't go on Amazon and read reviews on it, though. They spoil the book by telling the secret on their review. I hate it when people do that!

(I am putting a two book limit in place. Once you've picked your two, I'll throw them in the mail. For those of you too shy to ask - I really mean it that I am giving them away! Living a large part of my life where there were no new books means I know what it is like, and I want to pass these on. Just ask!)


Becky Aguirre said...

Hmmm...this one sounds interesting. I'm glad you mentioned not to read the reviews! I like to do that. Did I already pick a book? I think I sorta I need to send you my address?

Ellie said...

Becky - you picked only one so far - Escape. So feel free to pick another. I have about ten more to go still. I think.

Ellie said...

oh, and yes address is nice.