Saturday, April 6, 2013




What a week.

So many things, so hard to write about.  I had to lock down my blog.  I'll work on figuring out how to work this later - on a steep learning curve.  I think I want a blog that is open, but has some locked posts, but I need to sort that out.  I had a reader that I forgot about, that I forgot that at one time she was a friend I trusted and she wanted to read a story about my daughter, so I gave her the address.  Well... she began to work with us, and that became a problem quickly.  Yikes.  So I locked down the blog.  Sorry for those of you who tried to get on the other day and couldn't.  I was out and didn't have the time to go through and send invites to everyone.  I still haven't, and I hope to soon.

So if you see a blue "show encrypted text" in a post, it means there is more to the post, but I have encrypted it.  If you want to read the whole post, just write me and ask for the password.  I'll give it to you.  That way it will keep those who should not be reading from reading, but still allow this blog to be a place where I talk among friends.

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Rebecca Conduff Aguirre said...

Hey, Ellie, I've been reading and praying for you...sorry I haven't let you know that before! Thanks for inviting me to continue seeing your blog because I'd like to keep reading and stay in touch. Blessings! Becky