Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chasing Down Friends

Sometimes you just chase down friends.  Because you need them.

I had a friend.  She moved away about five years ago, and I haven't seen her since.  But she lives close, only an hour away.  We just lost our phone numbers, and got busy.

But she is one friend I need.  For a few reasons.  One is that she can give me my iron that I so desperately need now.  The other, more important reason is that she is a friend who can hear my heart.  She knows what it is to be a wife of someone in ministry, a nurse, and a mother.  And we like each other.

Tonight, my husband and I drove out to see her.  It was late.  Nine at night when we got to her house.  But a light was on, and we knocked.  Total shock on her husband's face, but they let us in, and we hung out for an hour.  True, they were in their pjs and relaxing on the couch, but so happy to see us.

And I got a hug, and I'll go back next week for iron and for girl talk.

I sleep tonight already with less a load.  She is just like that.

I feel less unstable today.  Not only because of this friend, but others.  I feel cared for, loved.

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