Friday, January 14, 2011

The Things They Say - Misinformation

Number three is a tiny little guy.  He is always in motion, always talking, and rarely eats.  Today I made him finish his plate since we were going swimming, and he would need the energy.  He grumbled and grumbled about it.

Number Two tried to comfort him?  Possibly?  Or annoy him?  He held up his fist and told Number Three, "Remember, your stomach is only this big."

Number Three moaned his little annoying whine.  "How will I ever fit this in then?"

I snorted and said, "Yeah, so was my uterus, but it fit a baby this big in it.  you can eat your food!"  (I had a hysterectomy, so I actually got to see my uterus - quite an interesting looking thing.)

Well, that might not have been the smartest thing to say.  Number Three was immediately asking, "What is a uterus?"

I told him that it is just the place where babies grow.  "You mean they don't just live in your tummy?!"

"No, that would be awkward.  They grow in a special place that is designed to take care of them."

He was amazed.  "I thought they just swam around in your tummy eating the food you eat and then pooping what they don't want, and then when they get big and poop too much, it makes you sick so you throw up and the baby just comes out with the throw up."

Ok, besides the totally horrific thought of poop in my tummy and the impossibility of throwing up and "the baby just coming out", WHAT DOES THAT KID THINK??!!  At least he had thought about it and come up with potential answers to the main questions, but um, yeah... NO!

My daughter knew better.  She said, "I thought they were just in your tummy, too, but I know that they come out down there, I think..."  I told her she was correct on the exit strategy, but that babies do not live in tummies - that would be a mess every way that you look at it.

Then I said it is time to get your swimming things.  Nothing like swimming to take their minds off odd questions! :)

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