Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gratitude for the Simplest Things

I think one of the things that stuck out to me in walking through what happened this spring is the detailed care I was given by some.  My mission, my home office, and people you'd think would care did not do so well, but I've learned that God is not limited by the failure of His people.  God still cared for me - just from some of the most interesting places.

We all wonder when someone has something bad happen, "What can I do?"  "How can I really show that I care?"

I found that those who helped me the most were some of the people who did the simplest things.  Those meant the most.

A friend walking in with a box full of kid type snacks.  She didn't stay long, but just put it on my counter, gave me a hug, and said, "These are so you don't have to think when your kids get home hungry and want a snack."

I hadn't even thought about hungry kids yet.  I didn't have to.  Someone else did.

A tap on my shoulder at church.  A mom whose kids go to the same school leaned over.  "Don't worry about lunches this week.  Just send your kids to school.  I'll send their lunches with my kids and my kids can bring back the containers and all.  Then you don't have to think about it."

I hadn't even thought that far ahead to kids needing school lunches the next day.  I didn't have to. Someone else did.

Then came a mom who stopped me and directly asked, "I am not busy today.  Is there anything you need help with at the house?"  I stopped, thought, and asked, "Would you mind cleaning my house?"  I was leaving and my mom was flying in and the place was trashed.  She did.

It was the little things - things that I didn't even think about.  Things that were just offered, but their very offer meant that I did not have to think.  Those things meant the most to me.

That is care. 

Next time you wonder what to do when you see someone suffering, don't think about big gestures - think small.

It is the little things that show the most love.  It is those little things that cause my eyes to moisten with tears when I remember them.


Cindy said...

ellie, thanks for reminding us how God can use the small things to encourage us....i needed to hear that!

Carrie said...

I love the little things!