Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Flu that Hit Hard

It snuck in before Christmas and took out the two oldest of our boys, but they bounced back. 

Christmas evening was on its way out while it made its appearance again and hit the only two in this house who wear pink.  The men carefully cared for us, and we perked up... but on Sunday what had been mild went awful.

The second last night of the year, we spent in a hospital bed, side by side, squished into one bed since the  hospital was full, and well, I needed to be with her anyway.  In the ER late at night, my poor baby got a good view of exactly what drinking and fighting will do to a human body, but count it all up to a good learning experience.  We've been given inhalers, but even those do not seem to be loosening the vise grip on our chests.

On this, the last night of the old year and the first morning of the new, the flu has hit again, and my husband is struggling with his breathing.  One of the original sick boys is back to feeling bad.

I still breathe best when sitting up and even sitting up gets me out of breath.  We're tired.

Only my cheerful third son is completely healthy still.

But - Happy New Year!

I sit here and think, "It can't be as bad as last year!", but it could.  We are waiting today for news from two friends, and praying.  The situation is not looking good, and we wait with bated breath... well, with whatever breath we have.... and we pray.  Will you pray with us?

I am thankful that we go into this new year with God ever with us.  I am also thankful that He does not tell us ahead of time the path He is putting in front of us.  At times our hearts would fail us if we knew the way ahead.  What we do know is that His promises to be there with us, to walk through it with us, and to give us the strength in every situation (not beforehand!) to continue to follow Him are as sure today as they were last New Years, and as they have been since the world began.

So, into this New Year, let's go together, together with each other and with God whose promises are found faithful - in life and, yes, even in death.  Nothing can separate us from His love.


Shan in Japan said...

Amen. And Happy New Year to you, too.
My year started out with the stomach flu, too. Ugh.
Hope you are all feeling well again soon!

Carrie said...


Happy New Year!

Sorry you and the family have been sick! And during the holidays, to boot. Hopefully things look up very soon!

Karin said...

My heart went so much out to you and your family as I read this post. I hope you are better. Wow it sounds tough. But so true He is always with us. I feel this word so strong in my heart for myself for this year. That I might know His "withness". Many hugs. Karin