Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Romantic Interlude

My second son is unusual.  I don't really know how such normal people like ourselves gave birth to to such unusual children!

Yesterday, I told the kids that while they were going to an event, their dad and I were going on a date.  (We ended up not going because I got a fever again... yucky flu keeps coming back!)  #2 giggled and giggled and said I should not say we are going on a date, "Because dating is what young, unmarried, and immature people do".

I laughed and told him that people date because they like each other and what did he want me to say?

He disagreed.  "You shouldn't say a date because you are not immature and silly." (little does he know!)

"So what should I say then?"

He put on his comical serious voice and said, "You should say a romantic interlude!"

"So, ok," I said, " Daddy and and I are going out for dinner and a romantic interlude.  Who knows, we might even kiss and snuggle".  Immediate howls and gagging noises came from the back of the car, followed with, "I feel so sorry for the other people eating dinner!  To have to watch people kissing! Ugh!"

"Ok, out of respect for other diners, on our romantic interlude we may try to restrain ourselves and save the kissing for when we are back home IN FRONT OF THE KIDS!"

more screams of "ew, Mom!"

Ah, being a parent of tweens is so much fun.

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Angela said...

LOL! Your kids are funny!
I like that phrase, "romantic interlude". May have to use it myself one of these days. :)