Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just Not the Right Timing

I'm sick.  I rarely get sick and I usually shake it off when I am sick, but this year is a different story.  I got a flu about a month ago, and it keeps coming back.  Still coughing, still a sore throat, still when I push myself I end up running a fever.  My head hurts, sinuses get plugged.

I am just not happy.  I have no extra energy.

It seems that December is a month that requires extra energy.  And I just don't have it.

To top that off, tomorrow I am having minor surgery.  The type that a lingering cold won't hurt, but that will make me even more dependent and sap whatever energy I do have.

I should be decorating the house and doing Christmas baking.  Instead, I am hanging around sleeping.

I feel like a bad mom this year.  My kids "deserve" a Christmas, and honestly, right now, I just wish it would all go away and let me sleep.


Jamie Jo said...

Sounds like you need a mama. Sorry you've been so sick. I had a sinus infection over the weekend which left me dragging a few extra days, but I'm on the mend. I pray that you will be, too, and that your surgery goes without a hitch.

Karin said...

I am praying for an "angel" to come alongside you. A friend that can help and support....and I pray for healing. Complete healing. Thinking of you in this difficult time. I know the story of the Footprints in the sand is a bit "old", but it came up in my heart for you. Take a moment and ponder on that I believe God wants to minister this picture to your heart. Blessings