Monday, December 13, 2010

God's Grace!

We just got called "a cute couple".  So cute in fact that the receptionist told her sister about how cute we were together.  Ha!  Looking back a year or two, and that would amaze me...  God's grace.

But my husband has done a great job of caring for me.  He still is since I am not totally independent yet.  He's bossy, I'll tell you that.  Made me sleep.  Made me take my pills so I would sleep.  Didn't let me shower even though I so wanted to sneak one in and not tell the doctor.  He's bossy.

But he also managed the kids, the schedules, the cooking, the shopping, and even holding my head when I threw up. (Pain medication and me are NOT a good mix!)  He set his alarm to wake me up to take my pills o schedule and pulled himself out of bed in the mornings to fix breakfast for the kids.  He's a great husband, if a little bossy.

The good news is that four days of drug enforced sleeping did conquer the remnants of my cold and I am feeling mostly better again.  I'm still dragging tired, but that may clear up once all these drugs clear from my system.

I am almost healed from surgery.  Not quite yet, and that lingering "not yet" frustrates me.  (I am not extremely patient.)  I am a little worried.  I thought I would be doing better by now and I am not yet.  The doctor is pleased, so I should be too, but I will be happier when things are back to normal.

We did however, get our tree up!  Slightly haphazardly as I tried to direct without being able to see it well, three boys in how to properly space ornaments around the tree.  It is up.  It looks like Christmas.  And i even threw an apple crisp in the oven last night. (Thank God for those jars of apple pie filling we canned a few months ago!)

So, we might not have the best menu yet or the best tree, but I'll settle for being the cutest couple!


Angela said...

Glad your honey is taking good care of you. :)

Carrie said...

Awwww! That's sweet!

I know what you mean about the rest---I'm on day five of being confined to my bed or chair because I put my back out. Stinks, really! I'm soooo ready to reclaim my house. LOL!

Cindy said...

sooo cooool!