Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Update on Injuries

A week ago my second son broke his arm.  We've been to the doctor again, and it is indeed the growth plate which is broken.  It was reset since the temporary splint was either not put on right or he moved.  This country we are in approaches pain medication very differently than the lovely hospitals in the US we visited.  In the US, my son was given a shot of Demerol within fifteen minutes of our arrival.  Here, well, here they gave him a local injection and then reset the arm.  He screamed and went white.  Then they had him lay still for twenty minutes because he was so white they were afraid he would pass out.  Then they gave him a prescription for pain.  Would have helped to give him the medicine BEFORE the setting!

For the first day, he had considerable pain, but now he is fine - just annoyed at the cast.

The first son has had regular dressing changes, but the repair job that they did is not holding.  Two pieces of skin that were patched in are dead.  Next week, they will need to be removed, and either a sin graft or a special bandage will be put on - depending on what they see under the skin. 

Please pray for good healing for these two.

I'll leave you with a photo - likely the only photo you will see of my kids... sorry if it is not beautiful.  What you can't see is that on the face attached to this arm is a huge grin of a thirteen year old boy proud of his battle scars!


Walking to China said...!

Carrie said...

Oh how awful! Poor guy!

But, proud of your battle scars is a good thing :)

Alan & Beth McManus said...

For a boy, a badge of honor! For a girl, embarrassment! =)

Becky Aguirre said...

Okay, that looks really, really bad...glad he's enjoying his 'battle scars'! :( So sorry that your other son had to go through the resetting of his arm, am praying for healing for both of your boys!