Friday, July 23, 2010

Listening and Interested

My husband's cousin is staying with us for the summer.  We have had his relatives before and they are nice to have, but we have never had one stay with us who would come to church with us.  This girl just came and kept coming.  She was very interested by church and by all that was going on.  We also attend a church in her native language on another day of the week.  She came with us tonight.  The people were familiar as she had met them all at other times, so she felt very comfortable.

The man leading service tonight spoke about the hope we have and the joy - a hope and joy the did not have in their previous religion.  They all shared testimonies during the service and comments on the truth.  (I honestly think they planned this because she was coming for the first time!)  She listened to the two hour service with attention and read along in the Bible in her language.

A few nights ago, she kept my husband up all hours of the night asking him questions.  She said that she did not know what she believed.  I mean, she knew what she was because she was born that, but didn't even know what her religion taught or why she believed it.  My husband gave her a book about Basic Christianity, and over the last few days, she has been reading that late into the night.  She also asked for a copy of her holy book in her language so she could begin to read it to find out what it says.  She also has begun to read portions of the Bible.  The kids put on some Bible videos to watch in their videos they are watching while recuperating.  They also listen to Bible stories in the car.  She listens.  She has gone to several of our team member's houses (just knowing that they are friends), and they have taken her on walks and shared their life stories with her.

So pray for her.  She is impressed in what she sees in the lives of Christians and wants to find out why they are the way they are.  She also wants to read the stories in the Bible.  She also wants to study her holy book, but I have no fears of that book.  Let her read it, and let her read God's Word... I know which one has power.

We have so long prayed for my husband's family that some of them would also become believers.  So far there are none.  But early this year, I felt really led to specifically invite this one girl to come spend the summer with us - even though another teenager was close to last on my list of things I wanted for the summer!  So, pray with us.  Pray for one more from this family... one more... the beginnings of others.

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Carrie said...

My Love and I are praying!